Can you use any led lights to grow plants?


This led grow light include red, blue, white and IR UV, which can improve growing performance in seeding, vegetative and flowering cycle for plants by utilizing select LED wavelengths. Use for all stages of plant growth. AntLux’s 4ft LED grow lights will provide high performance, long-lasting and energy saving for general purpose use. This plant growing lamp uses 50 watts, which is equivalent to 300w traditional lights. Our led plant grow Lights will cultivate record breaking growth, both in speed and quality. Buy from Website: Buy from Amazon: Facebook page:

18 thoughts on “Can you use any led lights to grow plants?

  1. Sooo basically, you are explaining to us for 16 minutes that grow lights are better then regular lights for plant growth… wow, I mean… thank you… I didn’t know that. You should’ve instead show us how to use regular lights and spend 5 times less money ad beginners… but no, you were making a commercial for grow lights…

  2. i need a short answer im dum i have led light strip that you use on ur room to decorate do those work? if I have them close enough ? i need a yes or no answer or if it isn’t that easy give me a explanation for dum me

  3. Thanks mate , the most sensible explanation of a hard subject. I’m getting a PPFD meter & app now , sick of being ripped from being uneducated.

  4. I’m sorry but is there anyway you can make that more more more simpler like can you use regular lights LED lights to grow plants (lettuces)

  5. Sir am not reach, i no having more money to buy uv grow light, so plz tell me how i converte easy to normal working led bulb to uv plant grow

  6. Before I sound like a complete dunce, I did actually graduate high school, but you seem like an intelligent person based on this video so I have a question: Can you use candles for plant growth?

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