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Family Friendly St. Patrick's Day Activities

It is

important for families to spend quality time together. Not only will your children love to do activities with you and the rest of the family, but there are many benefits to family time. Spending time together as a family helps form bonds and connections that will be with your children throughout life.

At Educational Playcare, fun is so important to us that it is one of our Core Values. Here are some fun St. Patrick’s Day themed activities that the whole family can enjoy together:

  • Sensory Play: Children love sensory play because it stimulates their senses and facilitates exploration. Families can make St. Patrick’s Day themed slime or fill a sensory bin with dyed rice, spaghetti, or even rainbow gelatin. If your family has sensory bottles at home, change the theme to match the holiday!
  • Virtually Explore Your Community: Your town or surrounding towns may host virtual St. Patrick’s Day celebrations leading up to and on the day of the holiday. Find a virtual celebration your family would have fun participating in and join the community fun!
  • Art Projects: Creating masterpieces as a family is a great way to spend time together. At Educational Playcare, we enjoy process-focused art projects because they allow children to practice their fine motor skills while encouraging them to decide how and what they doing. Fun St. Patrick’s Day themed process art projects families can do at home include painting using a toothbrush or color-dyed ice cubes instead of a regular paintbrush, decorating hats using gold and green dotters, or gluing different shades of green paper onto shamrock-shaped paper.
  • Baking and Cooking: Families can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by cooking traditional Irish foods such as soda bread, meat stews, or potato dishes. While preparing your meal, give your children age-appropriate tasks so they can contribute to the celebration. Families can put a St. Patrick’s Day twist to everyday foods by using green food coloring in the ingredients. Try using a couple drops of it in your child’s milk for breakfast or dye your spaghetti rainbow colors!
  • Dramatic Play: Participating in dramatic play teaches children about conflict resolution and self-regulation, and familiarizes them with different emotions. Pick out a St. Patrick’s Day themed book or movie and act out the story together. Everyone can dress up as their character and you can even use your arts and craft tools to make elements of your costumes.

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