New Cool, LED Grow Light: PlantSpectrum — Ep. 260


I get asked to review plant grow lights all the time—but so many of them are so inadequate and not worth the time to produce a review. That’s why when one comes in that is beautiful, performs well, and is well-designed, then it’s really worth the share. Mother is a company out of Belgium that produces the PlantSpectrum light, which comes with all sorts of mounting options, so it can easily work within your space without being a total eyesore. I’ve been using it over the past few weeks and really like the results, particularly on my revived, formerly root-bound hoya from this episode – I’m already seeing new growth in the dead of winter, probably largely compliments to the TLC and the grow light.You can use the code “SUMMERRAYNE” at and claim the coupon *before* shopping. Discounts are as follows. – 10 EUR discount from 139 EUR – 10 USD discount from 169 USD – 15 CAD discount from 209 CAD – 15 AUD discount from 209 AUDMother ships worldwide. And shipping for orders above 200USD is free and all duties are paid. You can visit their site at product links (may contain affiliate codes): – Apogee PAR Meter:“Plant One On Me” is a channel produced by Summer Rayne Oakes of Homestead Brooklyn that is primarily focused on houseplants and outdoor gardening. Our mission with the channel is to bring people closer to plants by bringing plants closer to them through engaging, entertaining, and educational content.If you enjoy the content and want to support the channel, you can do so by becoming a Sustaining Member for as little as $5/month: your questions and suggestions in the comments below the videos and on Instagram @homesteadbrooklyn #PlantOneOnMe.——————————– 😎 COOL STUFF ↴ ——————————– ONLINE COURSES: ➨ A Beginner’s Course to Houseplants:➨ Become a houseplant guru with the Houseplant Masterclass:➨ Troubleshoot Your Houseplants Course:➨ Get the 125 Houseplant Care Spreadsheet and the Houseplant Care Tracker™: STUFF: ➨ Order “How to Make a Plant Love You” the book:➨ Homestead Brooklyn Shop:➨ See my Houseplant Picks and Storefront (with affiliate codes) want to be kept up-to-date with all the great giveaways, gardening news, and latest videos and blogs?——————————– 💚FOLLOW/SUB ↴ ——————————– ▶ Subscribe to YouTube: ▶ Instagram+IGTV: ▶ Facebook: ▶ Twitter: @sroakes ( ▶ Blog: ▶ Plant Swaps: ▶ Newsletter: ——————————–——————————– 😄SUPPORT ↴ ——————————– if you like this episode and the others, then be sure to “Subscribe” to this channel and hit the Notifications bell. This really does help keep the channel moving forward! Also, you can become a pillar of support for the channel by becoming a Sustaining Member. More information here:

16 thoughts on “New Cool, LED Grow Light: PlantSpectrum — Ep. 260

    1. Hi Matthew! You can daisy chain 2 of the PlantSpectrum16’s. For more voltage you require another adapter.

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this light.

    Considered Soltech but their shipping was too expensive while Mother’s was free above a certain amount. I also love the modular design because there isn’t any drilling required. I have false ceilings and Soltech’s ceiling hook couldn’t be installed, and would’ve had to spend more on installation costs for their brackets too.

  2. Thanks for featuring these, I’ve been thinking of getting a grow light for my windowless bathroom, but have been overwhelmed by the choices –so it never gets bought. I will be saving up for these to ship to the UK.

  3. It looks cool and all, but a $10 under-cabinet light from walmart will last just as long and put out the same high-CRI light. There is nothing about this that makes it especially good for plants.

  4. I came for more information on this light, but I stayed for the whole thing because of the production quality. Do you have a BTS of your recording setup? I would love to know what camera and lighting setup you are using. Visually beautiful. 👍

  5. Thank you so much for the quick review. I’ve seen them over at sydneyplantguy’s place as well and loved their design from the start. I was already determined to buy one of these because I loved the design and thoughtfulness of the company (replacement LED) and you basically gently pushed be over the edge :) thanks for the code as well 🙏 take care.

  6. These are insultingly expensive for what they are, 140 euros for a 16w tube light, thats barely any light, sure its in the upper 90s CRI but so are a lot of other brands, these guys are charging 1000% markup for a sleek aluminum housing? at least have a built in timer..

  7. Such a comprehensive review and so helpful! Thanks for breaking down the mounting options – it’s good to know they come with the product. The PAR meter readings I think is just the cats meow. I think I may have burned the leaves on my rehabbing Verrucosum by giving it too much light – so perhaps a PAR reader might also be in my next purchase. I’m curious, cost-wise, if having an daylight LED bulb in one of my own desk lamps would be similarly effective? Looking forward to more reviews!

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