Sandhill Crane Bicycle Tour 2022

Sandhill Crane Bicycle Tour 2022

On Sa

turday, March 25, there was an organized ride called the Sandhill Crane Bicycle Tour of 2022 that started and ended in Grand Island, Nebraska. There was also a shorter ride out of Doniphan.

“Explore the annual Sandhill Crane migration by bicycle in March near Grand Island Nebraska. These will be free, self supported rides, consisting of two paved routes. Start and finish will be from the same locations. Sandhill Cranes migrate from the south each spring. About 80% of the world population converge in Central Nebraska along the Platte River from Grand Island to Kearney. At the peak, mid March, over half a million birds are in the area. By bicycle, you are more intimate with nature and the experience of the this migration.”

2022 Sandhill Crane Bicycle Tour – Facebook Event

The best time to see the cranes in the water is in the early morning and late evening.

“In the morning, cranes shuffle up and down the river waiting for the sun to pop up over the horizon. As the sun rises, cranes head out to feed and loaf in the surrounding fields. During the day, cranes “dance” to relieve the stress of migration and strengthen pair bonds. Cranes are very “social” birds and in the evening, congregate in wet meadows before heading back to the river for the night.”

2022 Sandhill Crane Bicycle Tour – Website

There were two options to ride, a long route that was 38.9 miles with 372 ft. of climbing and a short route that was 22.9 miles with 244 f.t of elevation. View both of the 2022 routes here.

Photo by Jeff Funk.

Look for information on the 2023 tour here.

I logged 39.47 miles with 161 ft. of climbing. View this ride on my Strava.

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