Three Fire New Marijuana Strains From One of Few Professional Marijuana Seeds Sellers

Out in the vast American desert, sequestered in a foreboding fortress hundreds of miles from any big city, is one of the few honest, ethical people in the marijuana seeds industry.

When he rides his horse into town, people confuse him for a young Clint Eastwood, or a covert rock star.

He goes by the name of Paul, and he’s the founder of New420Guy Seeds. We’ve written about him before, because he’s one of few marijuana seeds sellers who knows how to source rare, reliable, fire cannabis seeds from professional breeders worldwide.

New420Guy has everything from Danish and Colombian landraces to the most current hybrid crosses.

One really cool thing is Paul’s overriding goal is to satisfy growers. He relentlessly tests and inspects his seeds and strains. If anything is less than perfect, he gets rid of it. If a strain is defective, he readily admits it and makes things right with growers.

This is a refreshing contrast to most other seed sellers, whose usual tactic is to blame growers when seeds don’t germinate, or when plants go hermie or are otherwise not worth growing.

You’d hope that a good guy like Paul would have an easy, profitable life selling fire cannabis seeds, but instead, he has to fight harder and harder.

You see, even though Congress passed so-called cannabis law reforms allowing banks to do business with marijuana businesses, many financial companies haven’t gotten the message.

Paul and other marijuana businesspeople are censored and threatened by credit card companies and banks.

Paul’s credit card processor forced him to remove almost all strain and cultivation information from his website. They forced him to remove links to our articles about him and his strains, and have even forbidden him from shipping seeds to a couple of states!

Another problem is that in the past ten years, approximately 500 if not more new marijuana seeds sellers have appeared online and elsewhere.

We’ve tested strains from a representative sampling of these sellers, and researched their breeding practices and customer service policies.

Most are selling garbage seeds bought from bulk seed producers in Spain and elsewhere.

These aren’t quality seeds or strains. They’re the result of random pollen being thrown at random females by amateurs who want to make money fast, who don’t care about your grow room outcomes.

The greedy seller slaps a popular strain name on these crappy seeds, pirates a few bud photos for their advertising, and sells seeds that go hermie, have multiple weak phenotypes, and lack cannabinoids and terpenoids.

“Some of my customers bought seeds from those other companies, and then they come back to me real fast and say ‘never again.’ It’s sad so many scam sellers are retailing seeds that have problems with germination, phenotype consistency, and strain potency,” Paul explains.

Paul is one of few marijuana seeds sellers we recommend, but the huge number of scam cannabis seeds companies inevitably dilutes his market share and profits.

Fortunately, Paul is still sourcing fire genetics, and he just told us about these:

  • Purple Rosetta is a feminized photoperiod cross between Critical Plus x Slurricane #4,” Paul explains. “You’ll realized by the fourth week of flowering why we named this Purple Rosetta. It grows primarily like an Indica but also has Sativa on-board. Purple Rosetta will grow Expect heights of 5-7 feet outdoors and 3-5 feet indoors with a stocky, solid structure and pale green, Sativa-thin leaves. In mid-bloom, the buds start going bright pink, which looks great set off by all the resin glands. In fact, this strain has such a high resin gland density that you’ll love it for making cannabis concentrates. You need a low humidity, well-ventilated environment and 63-67 days for indoor bloom phase.You get a balanced, powerful high and the bud’s taste and smell like several different tropical fruits.”
  • Orange Dawg Cleaner is a non-feminized photoperiod strain combining Double Under Dawg and SFV OG). You get tons of citrus and Jack’s Cleaner type aroma from this F2 hybrid that is 50-50 Indica/Sativa. The high is stimulating but not paranoid, and there’s enough body to it so pain, insomnia, and worry go away. You need 65 days in flowering to fully ripen the large colas Orange Dawg Cleaner produces.”
  • White Lady is a feminized photoperiod strain combining the legendary White Widow with Purple Kush,” Paul says. “The cross ends up as a 50-50 perfectly balanced hybrid. This plant has a tendency to grow tall indoors and outdoors, and can have a wicked stretch, so trim and top strategically. White Lady likes high-intensity lighting, warm environments, but not tropical humidity. As buds mature, you see the typical White Widow gooey white resin coating, but also see mauve/green colors that come from the Purple Kush genetics. Buds may foxtail, and are long and narrow, like old-school Colombian Gold buds. You need 60-65 days in bloom and will enjoy a high that has Sativa uplift and Kush power.”

We hope to test these luscious-sounding strains soon. Our past tests of New420Guy strains impressed us. He has strains nobody else has, his prices and customer service are excellent, and he’s a good person who deserves to earn a decent living selling cannabis seeds.


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