Unit 8 Resources for AP Environmental Science – Teaching AP® Science

Unit 8 Resources for AP Environmental Science - Teaching AP® Science

These are resources for Unit 8 of the Course and Exam Description for AP®  Environmental Science . No one will do all of these items, because of the lack of time. Choose the ones that best serve your students, lab equipment and what seems fun to you! 

Most of the resources linked here are free and can be found on a different post on my website, or the link takes you directly to the website with that resource. I do have links to some paid items from various locations for your reference as many teachers like to see those options too.

For powerpoints, notes and content videos, read this post.

Note: If using a phone, you will need to scroll to the right to see the entire chart with all the resources.

Unit 8 Lessons, Labs and Resources for AP®Environmental Science

TopicActivities/Alternate Content Ideas (Most can be filmed for distance learning)VideosLabsArticlesIdeas for Distance Learning Labs
8.1Sources of PollutionWater Pollutants and Tests Charts and Stream Diagram (TPT)Water Analysis VideoWhat is an Aquifer?Water pollution Gizmos (subscription required)
8.2Human Impacts on EcosystemsOxygen Sag Curve-Explore #2 of Water Quality LabNOVA Animal Emergency with worksheetMake a Better Fishing Net from NSTA (nice engineering design lab that I’ve done with Marine classes)Great Pacific Garbage PatchMarine Debris ESRI Virtual Lab
Oil Spill Clean Up LabImpacts of Oil on WildlifeHHMI Microbial Response to an Oil Spill
Digital Data Nuggets-macroinvertebratesWater Quality LabsSalmon in CA and tire pollutionWater Quality indicators virtual lab
Estimating Stream Diversity: Macroinvertebrates virtual Lab
8.3Endocrine Disruptors
8.4Human Impacts on Wetlands and MangrovesHurricane on the BayouCoastal Wetlands from EEI (in this packet).Questions on worksheet
8.5EutrophicationEutrophication Chalk DrawingDead Zones-ESRI Virtual Lab
8.6Thermal Pollution
8.7POPsToxins ChartLA was once a DDT Dumping Ground
8.8Bioaccumulation and BiomagnificationBiomagnification sketch notes on TPT (free) or Biomagnification Virtual 5E LabBiomagnification Lab from Monterey Bay AquariumCoastal Fog Linked to MethylMercury Poisoniong in Mountain LionsBiomagnification Virtual 5E Lab (TPT)
8.9Solid Waste DisposalWaste AuditSuperfund videos from EPA websiteDesign a Landfill Lab.How to set up the Lab VideoNew York Time: NY City Garbage
Plastic Paradise
8.101Waste Reduction MethodsRecycle City with worksheetComposting LabRecycle City with worksheet
8.11Sewage TreatmentWastewater Treatment Doodle Notes (TPT)You don’t know sh…Vice videoSewage may be solution to droughtMake water filteration-at home lab
Drinking Water Cleanup-at home lab
8.12Lethal Dose 50% (LD50)Finding LD50 Worksheet (TPT)Toxins 5E Lab
8.13Dose Response Curve
8,14Pollution and Human HealthWith Every Breath: Health Effects of SmogPFAs in Bottled WaterHow Dirt Cleans Water-at home lab
8.15Pathogens and Infectious DiseaseDiseases ChartPandemics, Epidemics and Food ChoicesBioRad ELISA Kit

Make sure you are always practicing math. Read about APES math here.

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