Mars Hydro VG80 LED Grow Light


Appropriate Ratio of Blue and Red Light for Plant Growth

For healthy plant growth, the different spectrums needed need to be provided by LED grow light. That is to say, your plants will grow better when and if they have access to the two essential spectral colors in their life cycle – blue spectrum and red spectrum. Blue light wavelength during the seedling stage is especially catching because it allows more carbon dioxide to enter the leaves, thereby promoting the opening of stomata. At the same time driving the peak chlorophyll a/b required for photosynthesis to be absorbed, helping plants to synthesize proteins and amino acids. Red light wavelength is also important for plant growth, but its effects on plant development are not as obvious as blue light wavelength. The main role of red light is to stimulate the flowering and fruiting of plants and make it easier for plants to improve their photosynthesis function.

If plants don’t get enough blue light but too much red light at the seedling stage, they possibly become thin and weak (also known as “leggy”). This kind of “leggy” plant tends to produce fewer flowers and creates an untidy spindly appearance.

To prevent the ‘leggy’ of plants and make the blue light play the greatest role in the early stage of plant growth, we adjusted the spectrum of VG80 and added the most appropriate ratio of blue light and red light to it.

In addition to its remarkable effect on the early growth of plants, blue light also plays an incomparable role in cannabis cloning because the sufficient blue light of VG80 grow light can help cannabis clones grow a well-developed root system. It is believed that the VG80 LED grow light will be widely favored by cannabis clone breeders.


The Best PPFD Values for Seedlings Veg and Cannabis Cloning

VG80 seedling grow light is equipped with 432 high-efficiency diodes from the internationally renowned brand OSRAM, can meet the lighting needs of 4×2 feet of growing space, and provide your plants the uniform PPFD.

Based on professional data, PPFD values that most plants need at their seedling stage is maintained between 100µMol/m2/S and 300µMol/m2/S. So VG80 grow light perfectly meets the PPFD needs requiring by the plants and cannabis’s seedling stage.


Easy-to-Use and Ultimate Versatile LED Grow Light Bars

The overall size of VG80 seedling led grow light is about 1150 x 50 x 31mm (45.27 x 1.96 x 1.22inch) and the total weight is about 2.1kg, extremely compact and lightweight to save space. In addition, hanging kits are included in each VG80 grow light package, you can easily use it to hang your grow light in any grow space like grow tent, greenhouse, etc.

Besides, VG80 grow light for seedlings is composed of two independent light bars, so it’s the best partner for plant shelves. Because of this special design, VG80 Grow Light for vegetative is compatible with specific indoor grow systems, such as bottom lighting, side lighting, inter-canopy lighting, and top lighting.


All-Around Waterproof to Prevent Short Circuit

VG80 seedling grow light is equipped with IP65 waterproof-rated light bars and a transparent waterproof lampshade. Besides, the plug-and-play connector and the wire are designed with a waterproof seal to ensure the light is fully water resistant in all directions, strictly prevent the occurrence of short circuits and keep the light’s long lifespan

Plug-and-Play Design Helps You Connect All Grow Lights in Series

To convenient for growers to use multiple lights in series, plug-and-play components are added to VG80 seedling grow light, and up to 20 LEDs and plug-and-play components can be connected simultaneously. All you need to do is connect the different two lights with the pair of plugs easily.

The Perfect Replacement for T8/T12 Fluorescent Grow Lights

VG80 LED grow light can be used as the best replacement for T8/T12 fluorescent grow lights. First of all, fluorescent lights usually require a separate ballast to run, which consumes energy and is expensive to replace, while LED grow lights don’t need it. Secondly, LED grow light is designed with higher safety performance and no pollution to the environment. Thirdly, the lifespan of ordinary T8/T12 fluorescent lights is about 20,000 hours to 24,000 hours, while the lifespan of VG80 grow light is about 50,000 hours, absolutely the king of durable light bars!

VG80 LED Grow Light for Seedling Is Your Most Correct Choice

Seedling and vegetative are the critical stages for plant growth, and cultivating strong and healthy seedlings is also the foundation for subsequent harvests. If you are choosing a seedling grow light, this fully functional and affordable grow light must be your first choice. If you encounter any problems in the process of purchasing VG80 seedling grow light, please be free to contact us!


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